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(Let's Be) Alone Together

Fandoms: Smosh, Supernatural
Pairings: Sam/Anthony, Dean/Ian
Rating: R
Summary: After the appearance of a ghost at the Smosh house, Ian and Anthony spend the night at a motel with Sam and Dean. Anthony wouldn't mind so much if he and Sam couldn't hear Ian banging Dean in the room next door.
A/N: Smoshernatural. Join the fandom. It's where all the cool kids are.

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Five Ficlets: Smosh Games OT6

Fandom: Smosh Games
Pairings: Smosh Games OT6; Ian/Anthony/Lasercorn/Sohinki/Mari/Joven
Rating: ranging from PG-13 to R
Summary: Five ficlets using prompts from Tumblr, about different things that have happened in the Game Room.
A/N: I was bored, so I asked for prompts and this happened. Whoo!

Ficlets!Collapse )

Fast And Slow - Chapter 8

Fandoms: Smosh, AmazingPhil, danisnotonfire
Pairings: Ian/Anthony, Dan/Phil, Ian/Anthony/Dan/Phil.
Rating: PG-13 (for this chapter).
Summary: Ian and Anthony invite Dan and Phil back to L.A. for another visit.

Chapter 8Collapse )

In The Dark (Can You Feel It?)

Fandom: Smosh
Pairings: Ian/Anthony
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Supernatural AU. Ian has been hunting monsters for seven years, alone. But when a new hunter by the name of Anthony saves him from a vampire attack, Ian feels an obligation to let Anthony work with him. But Anthony is cocky and careless, and he has the most infuriating little smirk that drives Ian crazy.
A/N: I've been super into Supernatural (no pun intended??) lately, so I had to throw Ian and Anthony into that world, come on. Plus it's really the perfect excuse for angry smut scenes, and I'm a big fan of those. :D

In The Dark (Can You Feel It?)Collapse )

(Get A Little Bit) High Off This Love

Fandom: Smosh
Pairings: Ian/Anthony
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Ian felt so good and Anthony had stopped caring two drinks ago that Ian was a guy and his best friend because the way Ian had grabbed the crotch of Anthony’s jeans and looked up at him with those clouded blue eyes and whispered “I want you” through swollen pink lips was the hottest thing Anthony had ever experienced.
A/N: I was slightly intoxicated when I wrote this so I'm sorry about the huge neverending paragraphs at the beginning haha .__.

(Get A Little Bit) High Off This LoveCollapse )

The Darkness

Fandom: Smosh
Pairings: Ian/Anthony, Ian/Melanie, Anthony/Kalel
Rating: R
Summary: It was a secret between the two of them, between two best friends. Sometimes Anthony wished Ian had chosen someone else to be his best friend.
A/N: First try at writing angst???

The DarknessCollapse )

The Wax Job

Fandom: Smosh Games
Pairings: Smosh Games OT6, Ian/Anthony, Ian/Jovenshire, Anthony/Jovenshire, Mari/Jovenshire, Lasercorn/Jovenshire, Sohinki/Jovenshire, Ian/Lasercorn, Ian/Mari, Sohinki/Lasercorn
Rating: R
Summary: After Joven lets the rest of the Smosh Games crew wax his chest on camera, they find a way to make it up to him.
A/N: Based on the Wax Job video, obviously~

The Wax JobCollapse )

Something Missing

Fandom: Smosh
Pairing: Ian/Anthony/Kalel
Rating: R
Summary: There's something missing in Anthony and Kalel's relationship. That something is Ian.
A/N: Threesome fic, heh. Do I win the creepiest Smosh fan award?

Something MissingCollapse )


Fandom: Smosh
Pairing: Ian/Anthony
Rating: PG
Summary: It's New Years Eve, but Anthony doesn't feel like celebrating. Ian finds a way to cheer him up.
A/N: Oh my god this is so fluffy I'm sorry

MidnightCollapse )

Teasing To Please

Fandom: Smosh
Pairing: Ian/Lasercorn
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Lasercorn can't keep his hands to himself during Game Bang.
A/N: Can you believe this is my third Iancorn fic already wow

Teasing To PleaseCollapse )